Canadian rapper Tory Lanez has been found guilty of shooting fellow musical artist Megan Thee Stallion, has reportedly hired David Kenner, the lawyer of infamous hip-hop mogul Suge Knight.

The news was first reported by journalist Meghan Cuniff, who said in a Twitter post, “Regarding Tory Lanez’s Tuesday court date, yes, there is a date listed on the jail roster. It’s not on Judge Herriford’s calendar, and he’s got a bunch of other stuff at the time. Attorney David Kenner confirmed to me last week he’s now representing Tory.”

Who is David Kenner?

Kenner, a criminal defense lawyer, began his practise in the state of California in 1968, and has since then spent his career dealing with both State and federal criminal cases.

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His law firm, known as Kenner Law Firm, is run out of his office on Ventura Boulevard in Encino, California.

Kenner has tackled a number of money-laundering cases over the years, the most famous of them being Operation Polar Cap, in which around $45 million in cash and around half a ton of cocaine was seized from smugglers.

One of his most publicized cases was as a defense attorney of Snoop Dogg in 1996 when the Long Beach-based rapper was arrested on murder charges.

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Snoop Dogg was acquitted in the case and he remains close to Kenner till date. The legendary rapper even performed for a small gathering on Kenner’s 80th birthday.

The veteran lawyer works closely with Brett A. Greenfield, who is also a part of the Kenner Law Firm. The two of them often team up to handle challenging cases.

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Kenner was behind the acquittal of two members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle club who were charged with twelve counts of murder in South Dakota.