American filmmaker James Gunn and
British film producer Peter Safran who were appointed as the co-chairpersons
and CEOs of DC Films are expected to meet David Zaslav, Warner Bros. Discovery
CEO to unveil a plan projected to lay out their vision for the newly rebranded DC

According to The Hollywood Reporter, DC Universe from
Warner Bros. is currently in ‘quite a rough patch.’ Wonder Woman 3 by Patty
is being considered ‘dead’ in the current incarnation, as she was told
that her idea wouldn’t work with the recent plans for the DC Cinematic

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Who is David Zaslav?

David Zaslav was born on January 15,
1960, in Brooklyn, New York to a Polish and Ukrainian Jewish family. He moved
to Rockland County at the age of 8.

He studied at Ramapo High School
where he was the captain of the varsity team. He earned his bachelor’s degree
from Binghamton University before graduating from Boston University School of
Law with a Juris Doctor degree in 1985.

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Zaslav started his career as an
attorney in a law firm in New York. In 1989, he joined NBC as the President of
Cable and Domestic TV and New Media Distribution. He oversaw the content distribution
to all forms of TV, and NBCUniversal’s interests in The History Channel, The
Biography Channel, National Geographic International, and The Sundance Channel
among others.

In 2006, he succeeded Judith McHale as
the CEO of Discovery Communications. Zaslav instigated a shift in the strategy
of the company, aiming to see itself more as a ‘content company’ than a ‘cable
company.’ Discovery began trading
as a public company in 2008, and became a Fortune 500 company by 2014,
while under his leadership.

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In May 2021, Zaslav was appointed as the CEO of
a proposed merger of Discovery with a spin-out of WarnerMedia. He also serves on the boards of Sirius XM, Syracuse University, The Cable Center, and the Center for Communication. 

In 2017, Zaslav was inducted into the Cable
Hall of Fame, and in 2022, he was named in Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential

Zaslav is married to Pam Zaslav and they have three children, including Ali
Zaslav, who serves as a congressional producer with CNN.