Netflix’s newest show, The Sandman, which released on August 5, 2022 has received contentious reviews with some calling it a faithful adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s 1989 to 1996 comic book run, while others have said that the show’s storytelling format hasn’t done the comics justice.

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But critics have agreed that the series’ titular character, Dream, played by Tom Sturridge is a faithful recreation of Gaiman’s character.

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In the comics, Dream, also known as Oneiros, Morpheus, and the King of Dreams, is one of the Endless, beings older and more powerful than gods. In the comics, Dream is a character that rules over the Dreaming, the place where everybody goes when they fall asleep and “dream”. The character was born when life in the universe became capable of dreaming. Dream will only die when the universe ends and all the life in it ceases to exist. 

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The series begins with his imprisonment when he is summoned by magicians who were trying to summon and trap his sibling, Death. Dream, who is otherwise powerful was trapped and was imprisoned for nearly a 100 years. Because he is unable to use his powers, people in the mortal world suffer from sleeplessness while others would sleep all day. 

Dream, despite being a powerful otherworldly being has three tools which he uses to enhance his powers. He has a ruby which helps people dream, a pouch of sand with which he uses to create dreams and nightmares and a helm made from the skull and backbone of an enemy god, that acts as his sigil. 

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Throughout the series, Dream is attracted to humans and desires to know how and what they think. However, he has trouble understanding sarcasm and jokes which often comes across to humans who interact with him as cold and humourless.