Dua Lipa is rumoured to be dating Trevor Noah and one kiss is literally all it took for the internet to go abuzz with the singer’s love life. The duo got photographed kissing on Wednesday at a sideway in New York, sparking rumours that they could be a couple.

Lipa, the One Kiss Is All It Takes singer, was taking an evening stroll in New York with The Daily Show host when they got clicked by the paparazzi. They also got photographed while dining at a Jamaican restaurant called Miss Lily. 

Neither Dua Lipa nor Trevor Noah has commented on the rumours. 

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Who is Dua Lipa? 

Dua Lipa is a Grammy-winning English singer and songwriter who became big with her August 2015 single New Love. Her 2018 single “One Kiss” became that year longest running number one song by a female artist in the UK.

Lipa is of Kosovo Albanian origin and both her parents were first-generation migrants to the UK in the 1990s. She was born on August 22, 1995, and grew up in London’s West Hampstead. She moved back to her ancestral place in 2004 when Kosovo declared independence and spent six years there. She returned to England aged 15 and has since been a resident of the UK. 

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Lipa was working as a waitress at a cocktail bar in 2013 when she signed her first recording deal which provided her with a monthly salary so that she could leave her job as a waitress at a cocktail bar and focus on recording. In 2014, she co-wrote the song “Hotter Than Hell” which led Warner Brothers to sign her up. 

Between 2014 to 2019, Lipa released several singles, appeared in shows, and featured on the top lists of 11 European countries. She became a hit machine winning six Brit Awards, three Grammys Awards, two Billboard Music Awards, and one American Music Awards.