Fely Yigle, a black woman wearing a blue sweater sitting in the audience at Chris Rock’s Netflix stand-up special Selective Outrage, went viral after the camera panned to her face multiple times during the show. She also has a TikTok account where she responded to the occurrence.

It all started when Yigle, 21, attended the Netflix show that was performed live by Rock in at Baltimore’s Hippodrome Theatre on March 4 with a group of friends. She was invited to attend the show after one of her friends was invited by a coordinator of the show, tasked with filling the seats during Rock’s performance. While her friends were “literally right in the front row,” Yigle realized that she was directly in the range of the cameraman and that it might pan towards her.

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Twitter user @JerseyFreshest and other social media users picked up the fact that the camera zoomed in on Yigle’s face several times and the man sitting next to the woman was also aware of what was going on.

“Cameraman for the #ChrisRock #Netflix special clearly has a crush on this woman in the blue sweater as they’ve cut to her laughter reaction several times now. But I think her boyfriend is on to it now. Look at that look on his face. He knows what’s up. #ChrisRockLive,” @JerseyFreshest wrote.

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Who is Fely Yigle?

Fely Yigle is a student, project manager, social media creator, model, and political advocate. She graduated from the University of Connecticut and Conard High School. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Political Science, Government, and Business Communication from Townson University.

She also works part-time at Ulta Beauty as their Prestige Beauty Advisor. She previously worked at Perfect Care as a Virtual Office Assistant. Fely has also volunteered at The Legacy Foundation of Hartford, Inc. and at the Help America Vote: Be A Poll Worker. She has a little over 2,000 followers on Instagram.

After going viral following her appearance on Rock’s show, Yigle jokingly said in a TikTok video – “So how does this work: DO I call LA or do they call me?”