A video posted by a woman on TokTok went viral garnering over 2 million views while also sparking debate on the term ‘Disney Adult.’

Jacee Jordan, the woman, is seen crying in the video she posted on social networking as she is entering Disneyland.

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Who is Jacee Jordan? 

Jacee Jordan is a TikToker. Her video of crying while entering Disneyland went viral. People on social media called her a ‘Disney Adult’.

According to two articles published on Buzzfeed and Insider, Disney Adult is anyone obsessed with Disney. It includes spending money to visit Disney-themed parks, purchase Disney merchandise, and stream Disney content.

After Jordan’s video went viral, New Yorker journalist Helen Rosneer asked on Twitter: “Is there any academic scholarship about the phenomenon of Disney Adults? Please tell me some sociologist out there is getting tenure for their work on this.”

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“I feel like it’s pretty straightforwardly a We All Have In Our Hearts A Void Filled By Religion thing but maybe it’s more complex than that” she added and compared it with “sports fandom” and “weird USAian patriotism”.

Although originally posted in 2022, Jordan’s video got renewed interest as it kept clocking views in the last few days. Several parody videos of the same were also shared by users on the social networking site.

According to journalist Oliver Jia, there are only two categories of adults who go to Disney theme parks. “There’s adults who watch Disney and then there’s Disney Adults,” she said. 

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“Disneyland is ok for couples and families but I wouldn’t be caught dead going there alone. And I think the charm has significantly gone down over time. Everything is overpriced and when I went to it in Tokyo a few years ago the huge crowds were intolerable.”