The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office said that Aaron’s family did his autopsy but did not find any water in his lungs, this meant that he did not die from drowning in the bathtub. Investigators believe he died from an overdose.

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Who is Jane Carter?

Jane Carter was the owner of a business in Tampa, Florida. She was married to Robert Gene Carter and the pair have also appeared on various reality shows. Jane was featured with Aaron on Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition.

Aaron once said that his mother withdrew $100,000 from his bank account and he and his mother were not in touch with each other for a very long time. Jane and Robert split in 2004. She goes by the name Jane Schneck after her divorce. Jane was also accused of assaulting her ex-husband’s wife, Ginger. Aaron did not have a good relationship with his family before his death.

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Jane says, “Because of my son’s mental illness and prescription drug issues they (cops) just wanted it to be something easy that they didn’t have the time or inclination to address.” Jane believes someone was out to harm Aaron, saying, “There are people who must be held accountable.”

She also mentioned that it was suspicious that the towels on the bathtub appeared to be “perfectly placed” even though Aaron was allegedly pulled out of the bathtub while someone performed CPR on the singer.