Brazilian actor Cláudia Raia and her husband Jarbas Homem de Mello welcomed their first baby together – Luca. The son was a surprise for the 56-year-old artist already had one unsuccessful round of in vitro fertilization done.

Raia was pregnant at 55. She believed that she was in menopause, which the Cleveland Clinic said happens around the age of 51.

While speaking with Brazilian journalist Renata Ceribelli, the actor said that she and her husband after one failed attempt of in vitro fertilization opted not to go through another cycle.

“I looked at God and said, ‘OK. I get it. It wasn’t meant to be,’” she said.

“I had a very serious conversation with God. I said, ‘I’m not going to try more than once. I’m not going to challenge fate. I’m going to try once, and if it works, it’s okay, and if it doesn’t, I’ll understand,'” she shared of her story in a Brazilian TV interview in September.

However, Raia and Homen de Mello conceived naturally. “The chances of this happening are way less than 1%,” according to Dr. Elizabeth Sarah Ginsburg, a reproductive endocrinologist at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston.

“They don’t use birth control, they have very low incidence of sexual transmitted diseases — and they had no reported pregnancies that went to delivery after 46, in this fairly large population,” Ginsburg told

“Luca arrived lighting up Saturday night! He arrived here on February 11th, already claiming his space. We made it through,” the proud mom shared on Instagram, announcing the birth.