Singer Doja Cat and comedian Jeffrey Cyrus were seen together, enjoying a yacht cruise in Los Cabos, Mexico on Wednesday. The pictures of the two celebrities surfaced on the internet, sparking speculation and curiosity among fans about their relationship.

Fans have shared their thoughts and ideas on social media platforms in response to these photographs, which have prompted conversations and speculation regarding the relationship.

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As the pictures of the duo surfaced on the Internet, several Twitter users and fans voiced their opinions on the rumors of them dating.

Who is Jeffrey Cyrus?

Jeffrey Cyrus was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Thursday, February 19, 1987. His given name is Jeffrey Cyrus, but his pals simply refer to him as Jeffrey. He is currently 36 years old.

J. Cyrus first achieved popularity online with his renowned Vine channel. As a multifaceted artist, he has demonstrated his abilities in a variety of genres such as acting, comedy, writing, and music. J. Cyrus’ self-titled YouTube channel features a mix of music and comedy videos, earning a devoted following of over 40,000 members. His entertaining performances and original content have contributed to his expanding online presence and audience.

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After the rumor of J Cyrus dating Doja Cat surfaced. Several Twitter users criticized and trolled the comedian. One user wrote, “Doja Cat’s boyfriend J.Cyrus shared a racist vine in 2013 to his Twitter account about how you should never suggest Kentucky Fried Chicken to your black friends.”

“Doja Cat has questionable taste in white men.  I could leave my house right now and find 4 guys in my local Walmart that look exactly like J Cyrus.”, another user tweeted.

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Though some users lauded Cyrus. One user tweeted, “When the fuck did j Cyrus start dating doja cat? Either way shoutout to Cyrus dude is hilarious 🙏🙌.”