Jennifer McBride is suing Lady Gaga for not paying her the promised $500,000 reward in relation to the theft of her French bulldogs in February 2021, TMZ reports. After her bulldogs were stolen at gunpoint during a walk, Lady Gaga said that she will pay the amount ‘no question asked’ to anyone who helped her find them.

McBride, who claims to be the one, is going to court against the popstar in a bid to make her ‘cough up’ the amount, the report adds.

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Who is Jennifer McBride?

Jennifer McBride claims that she returned Koji and Gustav – the two bulldogs, at the LAPD Olympic Community station on February 26, 2021. They were taken from a dogwalker two days ago, on February 26. While all seems straightforward, TMZ reports there is a catch to her story she is related to one of the accused in the theft.

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As per the report, McBride was also charged with “receiving stolen property and being an accessory to the crime” in relation to the same incident. She was dating the father of one of the men who assaulted the pop star’s dogwalker, Ryan Fischer, on the day of the incident.

Ryan Fischer was shot and wounded during the incident, and the two dogs, Koji and Gustav, were taken. A third bulldog, Miss Asia, managed to escape and was later recovered by police.

Lady Gaga offered a $500,000 reward for the safe return of her dogs and made a public plea for their return. A few days after the incident, the dogs were returned unharmed, and the suspects were arrested and charged with attempted murder and robbery.