British actor Mackenzie Crook, who is best known for his roles in the Office and Detectorists, has appealed for help to find his sister-in-law Laurel Aldridge. The 62-year-old was last seen in West Sussex on Tuesday.

“She left her house early Tuesday morning and she’s not been seen since,” he told ITV.

‘That’s in the Walberton area where a lot of people are looking in the local woodlands along the roads and stuff like that. I’d really like to appeal to people to go out into their back gardens and have a look in places where she might have taken rest. She’s been missing out for three nights – we’re entering the fourth one now (so), we’re obviously really worried. If I could appeal to everyone, even if they checked before, check again in likely places where she might have crept in to lay down for the night,” the 51-year-old actor appealed.

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Who is Laurel Aldridge?

Laurel Aldridge lives in the Walberton area, near Arundel, West Sussex. She left home on Tuesday to attend a chemotherapy session. When she did not turn up at the session, her family was informed. Nobody has seen her since then.

“There were reported possible sightings of her as far north as Bignor Hill, but we’ve discounted those and we think she is very much in the local Walberton area,” the actor told BBC Radio Sussex.

“It’s incredibly difficult. She is in quite a vulnerable position at the moment,” he added.

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Crook called her a “wonderful mother” and “usually very happy.”

Police said she was last seen wearing a bright blue fleece with a grey coat over the top and black trousers. She also had a turtle scarf.