NBA star Matt Barnes has announced engagement with girlfriend Anansa Sims in December last year. The couple has been noticeably dating for the past five years and have also gone through relationship issues in the past. Anansa Sims is herself a known face in the Entertainment world. She is a plus sized model who gained fame after appearing in America’s Next Top Model.

The couple has appeared in news recently over a tussle between the 2017 NBA Champion and Sims’s ex-husband, David Patterson. Sims and Barnes have both been married before and have kids from the previous marriages. They also have a son together named Ashton Joseph Barnes.

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Who is Anansa Sims?

Anansa Sims was born in 1978 to famous model, Beverly Johnson and record label producer, Danny Sims. Both her parents are known to have made histories. Johnson was the first African-American model to have made it to the cover of American Vogue. Mr. Sims is best known to have introduced Bob Marley to America. Sims was the only child of her parents who separated shortly after her birth.

Following the footsteps of her parents, Sims have also decided to enter the Glam world. However, Beverly Johnson wanted her to finish her degree first. Sims holds an MBA and has reportedly worked as a financial analyst.

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She has later taken up modelling as her career and has appeared on quite a few shows as well. She gained recognition from shows like “America’s Next Top Model”, “The Mo’Nique Show”, and “The Wendy Williams Show”.