Gina Lollobrigida, an Italian actress, who was once known as the Mona Lisa of the 20th century died at the age of 95 on Monday, Italian news agency ANSA reported. 

Lollobrigida shot to fame in the 1950s as a Mediterranean sex symbol and later became a photographer and sculptor after stepping away from the entertainment industry. She made a foray into politics last year, standing in the Italian general election just after her 95th birthday. However, she failed in the election.

She has a son, Milko Skofic Jr, with her ex-husband, Milko Skofic.

Who is Milko Skofic Jr?

Milko Skofic Jr was born on 28 July 1957. According to CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture, Skofic Jr is an expert in information systems design, data analysis, and capacity building.

Not much is known about him as he has stayed away from the limelight. What little is known from news reports is that he had a strained relationship with his mother, at least during the past few years. 

Before her death, Lollobrigida entered into a long-running legal battle with her own son over her £35 million fortune. Skofic accused his mother’s 34-year-old assistant Andrea Piazzolla of defrauding her by selling 350 items of art and antiques worth an estimated £250,000 without Lollobrigida’s knowledge.

In November 2021, Lollobrigida said she is being “humiliated,” and demanded, “my legitimate right to grow old without being robbed.”

“I don’t deserve this,” she told Italian TV channel Rai1. “I haven’t done anything wrong, yet [my family] are furious against me and won’t leave me alone. At my age I should have some peace, but I don’t have it yet. I have the right to live and also to die in peace.”

Skofic had applied to the Italian Supreme Court to have a block put on his mother’s assets to stop any more being given away as gifts. He also rejected claims that he had taken legal action against his mother, adding that he acted to protect her.