Irish actor Ray Stevenson, who starred in movies like Punisher: War Zone, King Arthur, Thor, and most recently, Oscar-nominated Tollywood movie RRR, died on Sunday, at the age of 58. His cause of death has not been determined yet.

He has also appeared in The Book of Eli, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and franchises like Marvel’s Thor and Lionsgate’s Divergent adaptation. He will also appear in this summer’s Disney+ “Star Wars” series “Ahsoka” as a Jedi named Baylan Skoll. He was also slated to replace Kevin Spacey in 1242: Gateway to the West.

He was married to actress Ruth Gemmell. They divorced in 2005 after eight years of marriage.

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Who is Ruth Gemmell?

Ruth Gemmell is a British actress most notable for playing Lady Violet Bridgerton in the Netflix series Bridgerton.

She was born on October 1967 in Bristol. Her parents are divorced. She has three brothers. She attended Polam Hall School and later got her training from Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.

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Gemmell met Stevenson in 1997 in London on the set of Band of Gold (1995). They later played a married couple in Peak Practice (1997).

She played the mother of the titular character in Tracy Beaker’s Movie of Me in 2004. Similar to her part in Tracy Beaker’s Movie of Me, she started appearing regularly in EastEnders as Debra Dean, the mother of a teenage girl, in January 2009.

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Gemmell has made three appearances in the police drama Waking the Dead on the BBC, portraying two distinct characters each time. Gemmell played Octavia Putney in five episodes of Penny Dreadful on television in 2015. She started starring in the Netflix series Bridgerton in 2020 as Lady Violet Bridgerton. Ruth Gemmell made a comeback in 2021 as Carly Beaker for My Mum Tracy Beaker.