“Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin‘s 18-year-old son, Robert Irwin, is reportedly dating Scarlett Buckley — niece of the late Heath Ledger. The rumored couple was reportedly spotted enjoying a romantic evening on the beach in Queensland, Australia, earlier this month. In photos published by New Idea magazine, Robert and Scarlett were seen grabbing burgers and fries from a local restaurant before stepping out for a sunset stroll. According to the publication, at one point during the stroll, Robert pulled his partner in for a hug. 

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Who is Scarlett Buckley?

Scarlett Buckley is the daughter of Heath Ledger’s sister Kate. The 18-year-old has an identical twin sister, Rorie. Their mother, Kate, runs a design and media productions company while their father, Nathan Buckley, is a floor coverings store owner. Kate has vowed to keep her brother’s legacy alive by creating the “Heath Ledger Scholarship” for young Australian actors.

Speaking to WHO magazine in 2018, Kate said that her late brother is “hugely important” in the lives of her children.

“There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t share stories or talk about him. He is very much alive in our house,” she said. 

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Heath died in 2008 of an accidental prescription drug overdose.

Steve Irwin, on the other hand, died on September 4, 2006, after he was pierced by a stingray. 

Robert Irwin follows Scarlett Buckley’s private Instagram account. Before Scarlett, he was rumured to be dating Lucia Field, who is the daughter of Anthony Field. The two were photographed together at Australia Zoo earlier this month. Robert was also rumored to be dating American actor and philanthropist Emmy Perry. They were first spotted together in 2019 having fun at Disneyland.