The Tiger-King star, Joe Exotic, has signed his new will recently, naming everything to his fiancé Seth Posey. Presently, Exotic is serving his term in prison after being found guilty of a murder-for-hire plot against rival Carole Baskin.

Joe Exotic, officially named Joseph Allen Maldonado, reportedly talked about what is going to happen to his property if he passes away over a prison-recorded phone call. Reports tell that Posey, his fiancé, will be receiving his entire estate.

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Who is Seth Posey?

Posey came to the limelight when Exotic introduced him to the world as his “drop f-king dead gorgeous” boyfriend on a documentary show. He and Exotic met on the internet in Joe’s online competition, ‘Bachelor King’.

Posey won the ‘Bachelor King’ competition in 2021 and the couple started dating. Even though they haven’t met for the first few days of their relationship, they reportedly talked 15 times every day.

The reality TV star Exotic updated his fans over an audio message to “set the record straight” amid rumors that he was back with ex-husband Dillon Passage. As a matter of fact, Exotic is still going through his divorce case with Passage.

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Moreover, Exotic also insisted that he had only dumped Posey because he was “young and very handsome”. The 50-year-old inmate also added that he didn’t want to repeat what happened with Passage. Posey and Exotic got back together around June 2022.

In a recent interview, Exotic stated that he doesn’t want anyone else to own his assets and valuables. He made it clear that if Posey dies, everything goes to his son.