Terry Sanderson, a retired optometrist, sued actor Gwyneth Paltrow for injuring him while kiing at Deer Valley Resort seven years ago. The Iron Man star will face a jury in Park City on Tuesday.

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Sanderson is seeking over $300,000 from Paltrow. He claims that she ran into him on the slopes. The accident took place in 2016 and he filed a lawsuit in 2019. He said that a ski collision between himself and Paltrow on February 26, 2016, left him with a brain injury, four broken ribs and emotional damage.

“I’ve skied for over 30 years, I’ve never knocked anybody down and hurt ’em. I’ve never been knocked down or got hurt. I think this is kind of a unique situation,” Sanderson said when the lawsuit was filed.

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Who is Terry Sanderson?

Terry Sanderson is a retired optometrist. He worked at Soda Springs, Idaho.

He claims that after his collision with Paltrow and Deer Valley employees, including the ski instructor, he was left with serious injuries. Sanderson adds that he failed to contact any emergency responders. He also accused Deer Valley of filing a false report saying he was at fault. This caused him further emotional distress, he says.

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As per the documents, Sanderson was hit by Paltrow while she was skiing on a family vacation. The actor was on a beginner run. The former Soda Springs worker says that the Hollywood star was  ‘out of control and too fast for her ability’.

Paltrow denied any wrongdoing then. She alleged that Sanderson had actually crashed into her and “delivered a full body blow.” She also claimed that he apologized after the collision and said he was fine.

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Paltrow filed a counterclaim against Sanderson in 2019.

The Deer Valley Resort had asked to be removed from the case. They said that their conduct did not put Sanderson in any physical danger. The resort was dismissed from the case in January 2023.