Reiley, a rising star from Denmark, set the stage on fire with his captivating performance of the catchy pop track Breaking My Heart during the second semi-final of Eurovision.

The talented 25-year-old singer kick-started the knockout shows at Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena this week, marking his entry into the international competition. Eurovision, hosted in Liverpool this year, has brought together a week of semi-finals, building up to the grand finale on Saturday, May 13.

Who is Reiley?

Representing Denmark at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest is Reiley, whose real name is Rani Petersen. Hailing from the Faroe Islands, an archipelago of 18 islands under the Kingdom of Denmark, Reiley is a renowned singer and social media influencer. Born on November 24, 1997, Reiley was selected to represent Denmark at Eurovision on February 11, 2023, through the prestigious competition called Melodi Grand Prix.

Reiley will be competing against esteemed Eurovision performers like Sweden’s Loreen and Finland’s Käärijä at the 2023 competition. Notably, he is the first representative from the Faroe Islands to grace the Eurovision stage on behalf of Denmark.

As for Reiley’s personal life, he is not married and does not have any children. While his relationship status remains undisclosed, his Eurovision entry, Breaking My Heart, suggests recent experiences with love and heartbreak.

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Reiley’s captivating Eurovision song, Breaking My Heart, was written and composed by the artist himself, alongside Bård Mathias Bonsaksen, Sivert Hjeltnes Hagtvet, and Hilda Stenmalm. The singer shared that he penned the song during a tumultuous romantic relationship, acknowledging its toxic nature. Despite the negative impact, he admitted to being drawn back into it repeatedly.

Prior to his Eurovision journey, Reiley had already enjoyed a successful music career. In 2021, he released an EP titled BRB, Having An Identity Crisis. Additionally, he has a repertoire of singles, including Let It Ring, Superman, Blah Blah Blah, and Moonlight, featuring AB6IX.

Denmark has a respectable history in Eurovision, having won the competition three times since their debut in 1957. The first victory came in 1963 when Grethe Ingmann and Jørgen Ingmann claimed the top spot with their song Dansevise. In 2000, Denmark triumphed once again with Fly On The Wings Of Love, performed by the Olsen Brothers.

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Reiley’s electrifying performance and captivating song have undoubtedly placed him as a strong contender in the thrilling Eurovision competition. As the event reaches its climax on May 13, fans and music enthusiasts eagerly await the final results to see if Denmark can secure another victory in this celebrated international contest.