In season 4, Joe Goldberg will be enjoying the high life in London and interacting with a lot of new people. Tilly Keeper is set to play the role of Lady Phoebe. 

Many new characters are joining the cast of You as Joe Goldberg begins a new life with a false identity in the eagerly anticipated drama-filled season. 

One of the brand-new cast members of Netflix’s You, season 4, is Tilly Keeper. 

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Who is Tilly Keeper?

Matilda Elizabeth Keeper is Tilly’s full name, and she was born on August 16, 1997, in London, England. Her father, Peter Keeper, is one of the creators of the well-known puppet sketch show Spitting Image, and her mother is Amanda. 

Keeper had her first acting role as a little girl in the 2005 stage production of Dick Whittington before switching over to acting for the big screen. Oliver and Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs both featured her.

Tilly is already well-known to British television viewers because of her 2016 portrayal of Louise Mitchell in the popular British soap drama EastEnders. Four different actresses have previously played the role, and after 392 episodes, Tilly left the programme in January, 2020.

After leaving, Keeper quickly made an appearance in the BBC movie Make Me Famous. In 2021, she co-starred with Amy-Leigh Hickman in the short film True Colors. Later, she played Kat in the short film Do This For Me. Emily was set to star in the British psychological thriller Marooned Awakening that same year. 

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Next, Tilly will be seen as Lady Phoebe in Netflix’s You Season 4.