Deepfakes are the most recent controversial advancement in the cyber world. Constant debates are happening over its usage in the overly consequential digital arena. Among such debates, a recent news of a popular Twitch streamer, Atrioc, buying deepfakes of female streamers appals everyone.

The incident reportedly happened during one of Twitch’s live streaming of HITMAN 3. As he tabbed out of the game, viewers saw other windows on his system. One of the windows revealed a deepfake site. It seemed like Atrioc was allegedly buying content from an image-sharing site for supposed $15 a month.

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Who is Atrioc?

Atrioc’s real name is Brandon Ewing. He is an American Twitch streamer and a YouTuber. The 31-year-old streamer lived in California, United States. His most popular work includes the “Just Chatting” streams and collaborative gaming content.

He started his career as a YouTuber in 2006 and subsequently became known for him streams on YouTube and Twitch. He actively posts his videos online and does live streams on a daily basis. Atrioc made it to the headlines on Monday as his apologies come out after the whole deepfake incident. He blamed the NSFW ad for the misunderstanding and tearfully apologised to his fandom.

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From what it seemed like him buying deepfakes of streamers Pokimane and Maya Higa, Atrioc faced a strong backlash on social media platforms. Following which, he posted another video recently with his wife making amendments to his mistake. Basically he was reading about Artificial intelligence and ended up on NSFW site where he accidentally clicked on an ad. He promises to never repeat the same accident ever again. However, it remains to be seen how the fandom has taken his apology.