According to Adam DeVine, he and his wife Chloe Bridges witnessed a man named Emil Lahaziel being “gunned down” and murdered in front of their neighbor’s $1.8 million Los Angeles property. He claimed that the two were seated on their balcony, watching ‘Lamborghinis and Bentleys and Rolls Royces’ approach the residence. He asserted that before the attack, several of the visitors were sleeping with prostitutes at the Hollywood Hills residence where they were playing a “crazy poker game.”

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Who was Emil Lahaziel?

The man who was fatally murdered yesterday outside a home in Los Angeles has been confirmed to be 39-year-old Israeli citizen, Emil Lahaziel. Lahaziel was a resident of Miami, was married, and had five kids. The medical examiner has not yet made an official announcement regarding the manner and cause of his death.

Lahaziel, a former resident of Ashkelon whose family is still in Israel, spent eight and a half years in Miami where he found work fixing roofs. Emil was his oldest child, according to his father Jackie. Additionally, he allegedly stated that neither he nor his wife knew exactly what had occurred there, nor had they ever heard of Emil getting into any disputes with others.

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According to, Lahaziel’s father stated, “Emil loved his family and took care of them. He was a child who had achievements in life. It is true that he also had falls, but he knew how to get up. He also opened a car dealership there to improve his financial situation. Emil was a child who was all about giving. He would send money to us, to help us.”

He added, “I was in contact with his wife in Miami. She insisted on burying him there. We are all in shock. No one knows what happened. There are many versions. I understand that he met there with people he knew, but beyond that I have no idea.”

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Emil’s death was officially announced on Wednesday at 2:20 a.m. According to police, the suspect fled the area and is currently in hiding. There was no description provided, and the killer’s motive is still unknown.