“RIP Marty” started trending on Twitter on Wednesday after Podcaster Will Menaker posted about the death of his pet cat. However, most of the people who visited the trend, admitted that they expected to be notified of the death of a person and instead came across the death of the cat.

“Yesterday, I had to say goodbye to a friend,” Menaker tweeted, along with a couple of photos of her black and white cat. He also revealed in the post how they had come across Marty. While the story of how Meneker’s connection with Marty began touched the hearts of some of Twitter users, others said that they were surprised that “RIP Marty” pointed to the death of a cat.

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One of the users also pointed out that Marty was featured on Menaker’s podcast, Chapo Trap House.

Who was Marty?

Marty was a tuxedo cat. According to Menaker’s post, the podcaster and his wife were followed by a street cat home every night when they lived on Quincy Street back in 2017. Finally, around Thanksgiving, when the weather outside was getting chilly, Menaker was returning home drunk and just decided to pick up the cat and bring him home. From that day, the cat, who was later named Marty, became his pet.

Marty has striking green eyes and notched ears, from being TNR’d. By the time Menaker met him, he was 4 to 5 years old. He was friendly, but aloof, and outgoing but maintained his self-dignity. Menaker said that Marty brought positive changes in his life and his co-host even called him lucky as the podcast took off shortly after the cat’s arrival.

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Marty died after battling cancer for months. “He stopped eating and drinking entirely and by then had wasted away to weighing almost nothing,” Menaker wrote. “He was struggling to breathe and began hiding himself under the couch to die… I expected many more years with my friend. We are heartbroken but very grateful for the years we (had) him in our lives.”