Odele Ventimiglia, the daughter of Sopranos star John Ventimiglia, has died at the age of 25. Only three months have passed since she gave birth to her daughter, Shiloh. Odele passed away on January 12; the reason for her death has not been made public. In a Facebook post confirming the reports, her mother, Belinda Cape, said, “Heartbroken to have to post our darling Odele’s funeral notice.”

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Who was Odele Ventimiglia?

On January 12, Odele, who was best known as the actor John Ventimiglia’s daughter, passed away. She was 25 years old. No information on the cause of death has surfaced as of yet.  Model and actress Odele Ventimiglia was well-known in her field. However, her personal and professional lives are mostly a secret. Odele kept her social media accounts private, thus nothing much is known. Prior to her passing, however, she had been employed as a waitress at Vekslers in Brooklyn since 2016.

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Odele’s mother said that the tragic event has left the entire family inconsolable. Odele was loved by every one of her family members, and her death left a huge emptiness in their lives.

The funeral for Ventimiglia took place on Thursday at noon in New York’s Old First Reformed Church, according to the announcement. By publishing a GoFundMe link, family members also requested assistance paying the college tuition for Shiloh, Odele’s daughter.

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Odele’s sister Lucinda discussed how close they were on social media as she lamented their loss. She expressed her appreciation for the outpouring of support for her family and saw it as proof that people genuinely loved Odele.

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In a tearful Instagram post, Odele’s sister Lucinda stated: “Words will never be enough to express the grief we are all feeling. I loved my little sister a lot and I will spend the rest of my life searching for her in everything.”