Patrick Stone, Sharone Stone’s brother, died aged 57 of a cardiac arrest on Sunday morning. His wife Tasha confirmed his death in an emotional social media post. TMZ then reported that a representative of the coroner’s office attributed the death to a cardiac arrest related to a heart disease Stone already had. The report further said that it was unclear whether or not he was hospitalized.

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Who was Patrick Stone? 

Patrick Stone was the brother of actor Sharone Stone. He died of a cardiac arrest on Sunday. He was married to Tasha Stone. Their son, River, died in 2021 of multi-organ failure, aged just 11 months.

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Following his death, his wife wrote in an emotional post: “My heart feels like it’s been ripped out of my chest. Patrick went to be with our sweet River … I don’t know what else to say, he was my world.”

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“I’m not sure what life is supposed to look like without my husband by my side and quite honestly I don’t want to, but I will of course. I just hope that you always stay by my side watching over Hunter, Kaylee and I.”

“Until we meet again I will forever hold you and our wonderful (and some not so wonderful but just as important) memories close to my heart and will visit those memories always. I love you, honey babe. My wish through all of this is that now at least River has his daddy with him and I hope the two of you are having the best time.”