Sanqiange died after taking part in a PK or Player Kill challenge on May 16. Sanqiange was competing to see who could drink the most baijiu.

PK is a showdown between two content creators. Baiju is similar to vodka, a clear distilled liquor, and contained between 35-60 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). Sanqiange started a live stream at around 1 am local time for the PK challenge.

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Grandpa Ming, another popular live streamer, reportedly touched on how much baijiu Sanqiange drank on Saturday afternoon (May 20). The quantity of liquor consumed by Sanqiange ultimately proved fatal.

Sanqiange “played four rounds of PK in total. He [drank] one in the first round. He drank two plus three more Red Bulls energy drinks during the second round,” Grandpa Ming explained. “In the third round, he didn’t lose. In the fourth round, he [drank] four which makes it a total of seven [baijiu] and three Red Bull.”

Who was Sanqiange?

Sanqiange was a Chinese influencer who was 34 years old at the time of his death. His real name was Wang Moufeng. He was also famously known by the moniker Brother Three Thousand (Brother 3000).

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It is not clear what Sanqiange did for a living outside of social media. There is an assumption that Sanqiange’s main source of earnings was from being an influencer. Sanqiange had 44,000 followers on Douyin, which is like a Chinese TikTok.

Sanqiange lived in a village called Qidaogou, located in Guanyun County in the city of Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province. He was at private residents near his home when he took part in the challenge that claimed his life.

Douyin bans drinking during live streams. This is the reason that Sanqiange, after receiving penalties for sharing videos of himself drinking, had tried to refrain from drinking in recent months. Mr Zhao, a friend of the late influencer said, “Recently, [Wang] hasn’t been drinking. When he has nothing to do, he just plays mahjong with his classmates and keeps healthy. He has already been trying to drink as little as possible, I don’t know why he drank again on the 16th.”