Sergio Calderón, a Mexican character actor best known for his roles as the “head on a stick” in the 1997 film Men in Black and Captain Vallenueva in the 2007 film Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End, passed away this morning in the company of his loved ones. Calderón was 77 years old at the time of his death.

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Who was Sergio Calderón?

Sergio Calderón was a professional actor since 1970 from Mexico. He died on Wednesday, 31st May. Calderón had previously been hospitalized for a case of pneumonia, however, the exact cause of death has not made public at the time.

Calderón portrayed Captain Eduardo Villanueva of the Adriatic Sea, one of the pirate lords in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. On social media, the actor shared pictures of himself with movie star Johnny Depp and rock legend Keith Richards, who portrayed the Pirate Lord of Madagascar and Depp’s father in the movie.

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In the MIB movie, Calderón portrayed José, the character whose head is seen next to Tommy Lee Jones’ K on the end of a sword, which was also proudly shared by Calderón on social media.

The actor has recently made appearances in Little Fockers, The Ruins, and Better Things on FX, as well as an episode of Peacock’s The Resort. Apart from these, in Sergio Leone’s written and directed film Duck, You Sucker!, Calderón played a Mexican revolutionary during the turn of the 20th century. Also, in John Huston’s film Under the Volcano, he played a violent Mexican police chief opposite Albert Finney.

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Calderón is now survived by his wife, Karen Dakin, children Patrick Calderón-Dakin and Johanna Calderón-Dakin, vice president of the PR firm The Mesulam Group, son-in-law Raaj, and grandchildren Krishnaavi, Emiliano, and Victoria.