Laverne & Shirley star Cindy Williams died on Wednesday at the age of 75. Williams was known for her performance in shows like Law and Order, Lois&Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and Hawaii Five-O. However, she was best known for the series Laverne&Shirley.

The news of William’s death came after the reports of her brief illness. Many celebrities have paid tribute to Williams following the news. Ron Howard of Imagine Entertainment paid tribute to Williams on his Twitter. “Her unpretentious intelligent, talent, wit & humanity impacted every character she created”, he wrote on his timeline.

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Why did Cindy Williams leave Laverne & Shirley?

Cindy Williams was well-known for many of her performances but Laverne & Shirley outshone them all. She appeared on the sitcom from 1976 to 1982. In 1982, as the eighth season of the show began, reports of Williams exiting the show made headlines.

In 2015, she finally came on an interview with Today to address the reasons behind leaving the show. She stated that when the eighth season started in 1982, she was pregnant. The show producers planned to hide her baby bump using pillows, benches, and couches. However, it wasn’t working well for her.

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Moreover, she also added that she was facing issues with the film schedule. The makers of the show, as a matter of fact, even asked her to adjust her due date so things could continue without any hurdles.

Following these tumultuous events, she decided to tell the producers that she can’t sign the contract suddenly. This led to her exiting the show and the final season ended up casting only Penny Marshall.

Williams had a fantastic career not only in TV shows but in films as well. She worked on famous movies like Drive, He said, The Killing Kind, and American Graffiti. However, she will always be remembered as the Laverne & Shirley star.