Twitch banned well-known streamer Kai Cenat on Thursday, January 26. This is the fourth time the platform has suspended the Streamer of the Year from the previous year. Fans of Kai Cenat are still attempting to determine the precise reason for his temporary removal from the platform.

The cause of the ban and its term have not yet been disclosed by Kai. He did, however, make a statement about how the suspension came at a bad time because he was organising a subathon for one of his forthcoming streams.

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Although he has not yet given any further details, it is most likely that Kai’s recent use of marijuana on a stream is what led to the ban. Although it isn’t strictly prohibited, using marijuana on Twitch may still be against the terms and conditions.

The planned subathon was interrupted by the ban. The ban is thought to be related to a time when Kai consumed marijuana-laced treats while streaming. Although it is discouraged by the platform and may result in a ban in some situations, marijuana consumption is not prohibited on Twitch.

Marijuana usage that is harmful, in violation of local laws, or dominates the stream are examples of circumstances in which Twitch restrictions may apply.

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Passing out live on Twitch could be viewed as self-destructive conduct, which isn’t permitted. Light drug usage is permitted on Twitch as long as the drug in question is legal in the streamer’s country/state.

Kai Cenat resides in Atlanta, Georgia, one of many places in the US where it is still unlawful to use marijuana for recreational purposes. While this might be enough to justify the ban on its own, there is also the additional fact that Kai passed out while smoking marijuana, which might be detrimental.

There is no doubt that marijuana is unlawful in the state of Georgia, even though it would be challenging to demonstrate that Kai’s inability to stay awake after taking edibles was actually detrimental to her health. If he resides in a place where using the psychoactive substance recreationally is permitted, it might not be enough to explain why he passed out on the stream.

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The length of his suspension is not yet known. Since being a partnered streamer, he has been banned from the site four times, which might get him into more difficulty. His last suspension took effect in March 2022 and lasted the entire month.