Twitter suspended
Kayne West’s account for the second time in the last two months. The rapper’s
account was previously taken down for the same reason, violating Twitter’s
community guidelines. It was restored in October before this recent suspension. 

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The new Twitter
management claims to have rigid red lines for permissible content on the
platform, which were crossed by Kayne for the second time in his Thursday night
post. The artist, who now calls himself Ye posted an image of the Star of David
with a Nazi Swastika, which was removed by the platform.

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The tweet was replaced
by a link to Twitter Inc.’s rules and policy page which explained enforcement
actions. Kayne’s account with over 1,900 tweets which are now masked and over
32 million followers is now under suspension.

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Musk, who calls
himself a free speech absolutist had welcomed the rapper two weeks back on
Twitter. Concurrent to when he restored the Twitter account of the former US
president, Donald Trump. Ye had left Twitter after the service took action on
his posts that it deemed biased.

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Musk while replying on
the matter to a Twitter user said that Ye had not done this for the first time.
He had violated Twitter’s rules against “incitement to violence,” therefore his
account was suspended. It’s an extraordinary test of Musk’s declared policy of
making Twitter a home for free speech. Where its policies are breached even if
it hasn’t violated law of the land.

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The friendly relations
between Musk & Kayne did not seem to last long, seeing Ye’s most recent
tweet, which was labelled being his last. It featured an image of a shirtless
Musk on vacation to which Musk replied “That is fine.” His reply to the tweet
containing the removed image was “This is not.”