According to a recent report, The Batman 2 is still safe despite the significant changes James Gunn and Peter Safran are bringing about at DC Studios. Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne in The Batman earlier this year marked the return of The Dark Knight to the big screen. The most recent Batman remake, directed by Matt Reeves, concentrated on a younger Bruce during his second year as Gotham City’s famous vigilante.

The Batman 2 won’t be affected by DC Studios’ evaluation of their intentions for the DC Universe, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The trade reports that Reeves’ sequel, which received approval earlier this year, is secure and won’t be affected by Gunn and Safran, who are leading the charge for DC Studios.

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Additionally, this won’t have an impact on Reeves’ spinoff programmes based on the Batman universe, such as the upcoming The Penguin HBO Max drama. DC Studios and Warner Bros. Discovery have not yet responded to the news with any comments.

Although The Batman 2 received approval earlier this year, Reeves is currently working on the screenplay, thus little is known about the plot. It is unknown when The Batman 2 will hit theatres because there is no scheduled release date. The next movie, according to producer Dylan Clark, will come out in less than five years. Pattinson is the only confirmed cast member for The Batman 2, which will once again be directed and written by Reeves.

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The Court of Owls is one of the villains who might make an appearance in The Batman 2, and Pattinson and numerous other cast members have all indicated interest in them. The relaunch also featured a fresh take on The Joker, who was portrayed by Eternals actor Barry Keoghan in his most recent guise. Joker’s role as the major antagonist of The Batman 2 has not yet been decided, however, since Reeves has already said that he is unsure of where the DC villain will make his next appearance in this reality.

Many people might be curious as to why The Batman franchise hasn’t been touched despite the numerous rumours that are floating around regarding the future of the DC Universe and what DC Studios may be considering doing. If the DCU is rebooted, Pattinson and Reeves’ work on the Dark Knight won’t be affected because their Batman exists in a separate realm.

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However, since Wonder Woman 3 and any additional Aquaman sequels are a part of the same interconnected universe as the DC Universe, cancelling Man of Steel 2 is relevant for the DCU. Time will tell what The Batman 2 has in store, but for the time being, fans can expect the franchise to continue.