‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ sets up the story for the upcoming film in the mid and end credit scenes. In his quest to save the kidnapped Asgardian children from Gorr the God Butcher, Thor goes to Zeus to ask for help – thinking that the news of a god slayer out in the universe would prompt action. However, Zeus isn’t too perturbed, but takes objection to Thor’s insistence, leading to a face-off between Zeus’s people and Thor’s troupe – including Jane Foster, Valkyrie, and Korg. 

In the process, Korg is hit by Zeus’ thunderbolt, and the God of Lightning then proceeds to try and strike Thor with it, but the Asgardian turns it back on Zeus, injuring him, and giving Valkyrie and Foster the chance to make a grab for Zeus’ weapon – the one they need to stop Gorr. 

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The mid-credit scene sees Zeus healing from the wound and deciding to send Hercules after Thor. The Asgardian is already the earth’s mightiest Avenger and has shown his feats of strength, including taking on Hulk. However, Hercules isn’t to be trifled with and debuted in the comics as the Prince of Power, and has once held up the entire sky within the reality of the Marvel comics. 

Throughout the issues, whenever Thor and Hercules have gone up against each other, the Asgardian’s Mjolnir has tested the Greek god’s adamantine mace. The first bout in comics ended in a draw with Zeus intervening. The second saw Hercules as the clear victor, while the third time, Thor seemed to have the upper hand, but there wasn’t a distinct winner. In more recent comic matchups, Thor has started using his powers of thunder to match Hercules’ strength, which is a logical move, considering the son of Zeus once knocked out Abomination – an evil form of Hulk, but stronger than him – with a single punch. 

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Meanwhile, the end credit scene shows that Heimdall is in Valhalla where Jane Foster goes after she dies as well. Idris Elba had teased a return to the MCU, and it remains to be seen if the all-seeing trusty associate of Thor’s returns as a mainstay. For now, it’s been confirmed in the film itself that Thor will return for more adventures.