Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman will hit the theatres on Thursday, in the superhero sequel ‘Wonder Woman 1984’. The movie, which reportedly cost $200 million, is a sequel to the 2017 film which followed Diana’s journey as a sheltered Amazonian princess to a true warrior.

The film will see Gal Gadot reprise the title role, while Patty Jenkins will don the director’s hat.

The original ‘Wonder Woman’ movie received the best reviews of any of the inter-connected DC Universe superhero movies from Warner Bros., which also include the latest Superman and Batman films.

Ahead of the movie’s release, we answer some questions that have been plaguing the minds of DC fans:

In what era is Wonder Woman 1984 set?

Wonder Woman 1984 is set in the 1980s, with the backdrop of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States. The film’s story will be an independent one, and will not be directly connected to the production house’s other superhero films like ‘Justice League’ and ‘Batman vs Superman’.

Watch: Wonder Woman 1984 opening scene

Who are the villains in Wonder Woman 1984?

Wonder Woman faces two all news foes in the movie: Max Lord and The Cheetah aka Barbara Minerva. ‘Narcos’ star Pedro Pascal will play the character of the Max Lord, while Kristen Wiig, who is known for her role in the ‘Bridesmaids’ will play The Cheetah.

Patty Jenkins said that they built an entire set from scratch for the final battle between Wonder Woman and Cheetah.

“There was no stage big enough in the world to execute it. We had Cirque du Soleil performers practising the moves and show us what they are going to look like and these guys have to end up doing it,” she added.

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Which stunts performed in Wonder Woman 1984 are real?

Most superhero movies rely on computer-generated imagery (CGI) to execute high-octane stunt sequences. But ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ has taken the road less travelled and has real people pulling off the choreography.

“Most of the stuff you see in the film is real people doing the real thing, whether it is us or the stuntpeople,” Gal Gadot had said in an interview ahead of the movie’s release.

The Israeli actor said that viewers will be able to tell that it is the real deal when they watch the movie. “When you see it in the movie, you can tell it’s the real deal – be it the facial expressions, weight, movement and speed,” she said.

Gadot said that this was the hardest movie she has shot for so far, and that it was worth it.

Is Steve Trevor still alive?

The film also stars Chris Pine as Captain Steve Trevor, a move that has flummoxed the fans. The character had died in the first movie set in 1918. But then, why is he seen in the movie? We follow a strict ‘No Spoilers policy’, so we will let the movie answer that for you.

Pine said reprising his role of Steve as a man who reappears after over six decades was like playing “a proverbial fish out of the water”, whom Diana helps adjust to the new world in what is a role swap from the first film.

Some of the other characters who had also died in the first Wonder Woman movie were Diana’s Aunt Antiope (Robin Wright) and her mother Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen).

In what languages will Wonder Woman 1984 release in?

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is slated to be released in Indian cinemas on December 24 in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.