Davionne McRoberts, a 25-year-old rapper known as Woozy The Goat, has been taken into custody after his grandparents were found murdered in their home. McRoberts walked into a psychiatric ward covered in blood and claimed he was God, leading to his detention. Double murder charges are expected to be filed against him later today.

Who are Donald and Kathy McRoberts?

Donald and Kathy McRoberts were a beloved couple who lived in St. Louis, Missouri. Donald, who everyone called “Mack,” was a former military police officer who was very proud of his service. 

Kathy worked as a maid at a hotel in St. Charles, where she met Pamela McRoberts, Donald’s sister, over 20 years ago. Pamela described the couple as “the most beautiful people you’d ever want to meet.”

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The couple’s lives were tragically cut short when they were found murdered in their home. Their granddaughter had called for a welfare check when she was unable to reach them, and police discovered their bodies. It is believed that they were killed by their grandson.

According to reports, Davionne suffered a mental breakdown and had been posting unhinged messages on Facebook in the days leading up to the alleged murder. He claimed to be God, said that he would rewrite the Bible, and made other disturbing statements. A few days before the alleged murder, he even showed up at Pamela’s house and said that they were all going to die.

Despite Pamela’s concerns about Davionne’s behavior, Donald had brushed it off and said that he wasn’t worried. However, it is clear that Davionne was struggling with his mental health, and the tragedy could have potentially been prevented if he had received help earlier.

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Davionne is currently being held in a psychiatric ward and is expected to face double murder charges. The investigation into Donald and Kathy’s deaths is still ongoing, and it is unclear what exactly happened on the day of their murder.