WWE star Alexa Bliss appeared as Axolotl on The Masked Singer season 9: Watch

On the latest episode of “The Masked Singer,” a new contestant appeared in a reptile-like costume called the Axolotl. Despite a lively dance performance and singing of Leann Rimes’ “Can’t Fight the Moonlight,” Axolotl was eliminated from the competition.

The Axolotl made a grand entrance, showing off some impressive dance moves. In the singer’s clue package, she was seen being handed pom-poms, hinting at a potential cheerleading background. She also opened up about her struggles with bullying and an eating disorder. However, she found confidence with the help of someone special, whom she fell in love with.

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Before performing Leann Rimes’ hit “Can’t Fight the Moonlight,” the Axolotl rang a boxing bell. The onstage clue was presented by Houston Texans wide receiver Robert Woods, who brought out a football helmet with the number “2.3 million” on it. This number represented the number of people who tune in to watch her at work on Mondays.

Although the Axolotl’s time on The Masked Singer was brief, it was still entertaining to watch this reptilian character strut their stuff on stage.

The panelists guessed various names, with Robin Thicke and Ken Jeong suggesting Nikki Bella or Brie Bella, while Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg guessed Alexa Bliss, and Nicole Scherzinger guessed Simone Biles or Mckayla Maroney.

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However, the Axolotl was quickly unmasked, and it was revealed to be Alexa Bliss. The clues in the package referred to Bliss’s personal experiences, including being bullied in school, struggling with an eating disorder, and using her platform to raise awareness of these issues. The “2.3 million” clue referred to the viewership of a Monday Night Raw episode in August 2022. Bliss is also married to singer Ryan Cabrera.