On February 9, the Lifetime-to-Netflix thriller returned for its fourth season. Unfortunately, the upcoming batch will be split into two parts by the streaming service. Five episodes will therefore debut this month, and the final five will air on March 9. On the good side, Penn Badgley, sporting a beard, reprises his role as Joe Goldberg in this film, bringing his stalking, bludgeoning, and book-loving talents to the UK.

Here’s what happened last season:

At the conclusion of season three, Joe assumed a new identity in order to flee the country. In case you need a refresher, major spoilers abound. Everyone believed he was also dead since he killed his wife Love (Victoria Pedretti) and set their home on fire. He is now looking for Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), a coworker at the library with whom he had an affair. Marienne fled to Paris with her daughter when Love managed to warn her of Joe’s potentially deadly inclinations just in time (however, let’s not forget, Love’s original goal was to kill her). Joe, an A-level stalker, also winds up there.

Only the fourth season of You is filmed in London. Joe gets a new position as a professor at a university. He’s still looking for Marienne while mixing with a posh U.K. crowd and wearing his trusted blue cap. The following episodes will introduce fresh suspense, new victims, and new fatalities.

Here are 5 burning questions that might be answered this season:

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Does anyone find out Joe killed Love? 

As the insane Love Quinn, who ultimately proved to be just as cunning and terrifying as the guy she fell for, Pedretti offered a virtuoso performance. Nobody else is aware of the events that took place in their home prior to it catching fire, therefore Love shouldn’t have been shocked that Joe predicted her intentions and killed her first. Joe does an excellent job of presenting it as a murder-suicide, but will anyone figure out what he did given that his body is obviously missing? Maybe Dottie (Saffron Burrows), Love’s mother, can overcome her alcoholism and work to uncover the truth about what happened to her daughter. Love has played a significant role in You for the previous two seasons, so it’s unlikely that the show’s makers will change that.

Is Joe still sending money to Ellie Alvez?

Thanks to Scream, Wednesday, and X, Jenna Ortega has established herself as a celebrity in her own right since her You season two appearance. Ellie could, however, show up at some point and serve as another incentive for Joe to visit his home base. In season two, Love murdered Ellie’s sister, but Joe was able to intervene in time to save her and send her away. Season three reveals that Joe not only knows Ellie’s location but also appears to be sending her money to assist. Does he carry on from London? If so, he has demonstrated some significant dedication, and this is one way the show attempts to put a face on our tortured killer.

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Will Joe have to deal with Sherry and Cary Conrad again? 

Shalita Grant and Travis Van Winkle as Sherry and Cary Conrad, respectively, were without a doubt season three of You’s most effective and humorous additions. The married suburban couple made friends with Joe and Love and made an attempt to recruit them into their swingers club. They had no idea that their neighbors were violent killers who would eventually kidnap them. Thankfully, the pair escapes unscathed and gains notoriety in the process. 

Despite being entertaining, Sherry and Cary are not bozos. They are completely aware of the destructive dynamic between Joe and Love as well as their options. Is there a chance that they will find out that he is still alive and somewhere else? Will You bring back Grant and Van Winkle so that season four can be more lively? Let’s hope so for the sake of the programme.

Does Joe return for his child? 

In internet slang, Joe Goldberg is a daddy (a.k.a he is hot, which is why admirers swoon over him despite Badgley’s advice that they shouldn’t). However, he is also a real father who engages in a number of spooky actions with his baby. Little Henry goes along for the journey whether Love and the others are on a body-burying expedition or a stalking operation. Joe undoubtedly exhibits affection for the young child and a desire to do better for him.


He does the best he can for the kid by leaving him at Dante’s (Ben Mehl) door and then chasing Marienne. Without a doubt, Dante and his companion will rear Henry better than Joe and Love ever could. Joe might, however, have a secret desire to someday reunite with the son he abandoned. Will Henry be the reason Joe comes back to America if You gets a fifth season? Will he ever tell anyone else that he is a father again?

Will Marianne be the reason behind Joe’s undoing?

Marienne was Joe’s unlucky target of affection in season three because she fell for his cute, nerdy charm. But You has created Marienne as a badass ready to battle for her daughter’s sake in part because of Gabrielle’s performance. She won’t likely flee this time, even though Joe might re-enter her life. Right?