The highly-anticipated fourth season of the hit Netflix series You has left viewers reeling with its shocking finale.
After a season of twists and turns, it seems that the show’s main character, Joe Goldberg, is alive and well, but at what cost?

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The finale saw Joe, played by Penn Badgley, reclaiming his true identity as a serial killer, and leading a new philanthropic life with his girlfriend Kate, played by Charlotte Ritchie. However, it quickly became clear that Joe’s past was catching up with him, and he was forced to confront his dark side in a series of shocking twists and turns.

At the heart of the finale was Kate’s father, Tom Lockwood, who had used his knowledge of Joe’s past to manipulate him into killing Rhys Montrose, the “Eat The Rich” killer. After Tom revealed that he owned Kate, Joe’s imagination of Rhys told him that he should kill Tom. Joe then ambushed Tom with chloroform and tied him up, but when Tom’s bodyguard, Hugo, intervened, Joe killed him and suffocated Tom.

As the finale drew to a close, Joe seemed to be on the road to redemption, coming clean about his true identity and his past as a serial killer. However, a shocking revelation from Kate left viewers questioning Joe’s fate. Kate admitted that she had inherited everything from her father, and proposed that they “keep each other good”, despite knowing that they both have a dark side. She also asked Joe to help her through the hard times, saying she’ll do the same for him.

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The final moments of the finale saw Joe and Kate manufacturing the news cycle to allow Joe to return to America. With the help of Kate, a cybersecurity team, publicists, and Tom’s former lieutenant Cynthia, search results were scrubbed, news archives hacked, and the Madre Linda chief of police bribed, all in order to allow Joe to wipe the slate clean.

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As the season came to a close, viewers were left with a positively eerie image of a grinning Joe, as smug as ever. With more access to resources, money, and cover-ups, it seems that Joe may continue on unscathed. But at what cost to those around him? Only time will tell if there will be a fifth season of You, and whether Joe Goldberg will continue his murderous ways.