Rapper Jeffrey Williams, popularly known as Young Thug, was taken to the hospital before his hearing at the Cobb County Jail on Thursday.

His attorney told Judge Ural Glanville that he had “no idea what his condition is currently.” Williams did not attend the hearing. He was reportedly experiencing chest pain.

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“I’ve asked the sheriff’s department if I’d be able to make contact with Mr. Williams — if I’d be able to see him at Grady [Hospital. The response is probably not,” Young Thug’s attorney said as per local media reports.

Local news channel 11 Alive soon reported that the rapper has been released from the hospital following an evaluation and is expected to attend the hearing on Friday.

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Williams is one of the 10 codefendants in the YSL RICO case. The group has been charged for allegedly being a part of a violent Atlanta street gang. One of them – Jayden Myrick – was removed from the case after he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

This is not the first time Young Thug has faced health issues in jail.

“I know he’s had some difficulty of a similar sort at the Cobb County jail a few months ago, and so I’m obviously concerned about his wellbeing,” his attorney told WSB TV.

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In April, his attorneys said that the rapper was having problems with exhaustion.

“Mr. Williams is sleep deprived, mandated to wake up on court days between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. and not having more than five hours of sleep per night. By the end of the week, Mr. Williams is fighting to pay attention to the goings on in his case,” they said in April.

Young Thug’s team added that the rapper is eating chocolate and chips in jail because of no ‘better food options’. He allegedly has not had much access to fresh air and sunlight either. The attorneys said that he has been placed in a very small cell since being taken into custody last May.