The European Union nations on Monday gave a unanimous nod to its post-Brexit trade deal with the United Kingdom, clearing the way for it to come into provisional operation on January 1, reported news agency AFP.

The move was confirmed by Sebastian Fischer, spokesman for the German presidency of the EU, who took to Twitter to make the announcement. "EU ambassadors have unanimously approved the provisional application of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement." he tweeted.

The approval had been expected ever since the deal was announced and all EU leaders welcomed it with open arms.

Under EU procedure, the decision by ambassadors from the 27 member states to endorse the plan will take effect at 3 pm (1400 GMT) on Tuesday.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday spoke with the president of the European Council, Charles Michel over a phone call said the deal would offer a turning point to their relationship.

"I welcomed the importance of the UK-EU Agreement as a new starting point for our relationship, between sovereign equals," Johnson tweeted.

 The deal signed still needs approval from the EU's legislature, which is expected to come in February but on Monday, MEPs were reportedly discussing the possibility of pushing the date back further to give themselves more time to study the text and to watch how relations develop.

London on the other if refuses this delay, they have agreed to hold a special plenary session on or around February 23.

British parliamentarians however, are due for a meeting on Wednesday to debate the accord. 

Meanwhile, the Brexit deal under question offers the British duty-free and quota-free access to its market of 450 million consumers, and gives European fishermen access to UK waters for at least another five-and-a-half years.