While more alarmingly the raging pandemic has claimed and keeps claiming an increasing number of lives, the COVID-19 has also lead to rampant job losses and burying of the small-scale businesses. 

Capturing the essence of the situation, Facebook India released a seven-minute short film. The video, directed by Amit Sharma, director of the National Award-winning film 'Badhaai Ho', traces the story of Pooja - the proprietor of Pooja Milk Centre in Amritsar, Punjab.   

After going through the news of workers being laid off, Pooja in the short film decides to hire anyone in need of a job.

She uses the social media platform to put out an appeal, asking anyone who lost their job amid the pandemic should contact her. 

Soon, a miniature army of daily wage earners - electricians, plumbers, carpenters, deliverymen - assemble at her small milk centre. Pooja hires all of them and teaches them the skills necessary to run a milk centre. However, her brother opposes her noble intentions. 

She does this to help those laid-off workers in need although her small business does not need so many workers. To pay their wages, she even sells her car. She refuses to fire anyone as Diwali approaches, telling her younger brother "Inki bhi toh Diwali hai."

While her intentions are at the right place, her brother keeps reminding her that it would be impossible to keep the business afloat.

However, Pooja's employees overhear their conversation and come up with a way to help her out of the situation. They decide to share a video on Facebook, urging people to visit Pooja Milk Centre - the place that hired them when no one else would.

The video touched a chord with the viewers and garnered a whopping 26 million views on Facebook and in the comments, people lauded the film for having its heart in the right place.

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