The Conservative Political Action Conference currently underway in Orlando is already turning heads with the tall claims it's propagating about the US Presidential elections and the January 6 Capitol attack. 

The annual conservative conference being held outside of Washington DC for the first time had been predicted to give rise to and spread misinformation about the election. 

Started on February 26 and scheduled to go on till February 28, CPAC's agenda has around seven speeches and panels titled "protecting elections". 

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Twice impeached former President Donald Trump is scheduled to address the conference on Sunday. Trump has been regularly saying that the election was "stolen" from him. 

Here are some of the claims made at CPAC: 

(1) "Your Votes Cancelled" 

On Friday, a video titled "Your Votes Cancelled" was played at the conference. The video showed commentators saying that there is something fishy about the presidential elections swinging in favour of Joe Biden on the election night. The video showed Rush Limbaugh, late radio host saying the "vote fairy" had visited overnight. Another commentator said it was "statistically impossible". 

Fact Check: Joe Biden began to gain ground after certain states started counting their votes legitimately later in the night. This has been explained by CNN and other media houses repeatedly since November. 

Evidently, Biden got many more votes from citizens using mail-in ballots. Some states counted the mail-in ballots after they counted the in-person ballots. 

(2) DropBox Fraud 

It was claimed at the conference by conservative commentator Deroy Murdock that drop boxes were installed by Democrats "where nobody oversaw them. How many fraudulent ballots got deposited in these boxes unchecked and then got counted? Who knows."

Fact Check: No signs of fraudulent use of drop boxes had been observed during the 2020 elections. The drop boxes had been fixed to the ground and installed with anti-tampering measures. Many of these drop boxes were also under 24 hours video surveillance. 

It is important to note that some Republican counties and states also made use of drop boxes. Ballots are put under scrutiny once they are received to check for signs of tampering as per protocol. 

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(3) Who is responsible for perpetrating the attack on the Capitol

Wayne Dupree, conservative radio host said, "a lot of people there -- Antifa was there, BLM was there, MAGA people were there, everybody was there. And if Joe Biden wants to talk unity, there was unity there on that day, because America is sick and tired of being pushed down."

TW Shannon, a former Republican state legislator in Oklahoma, said, "The reason that people stormed the Capitol was because they felt hopeless because of a rigged election."

Fact Check: Donald Trump's Twitter account was suspended on the night of the attack because he was believed to have been inciting violence and urging his supporters to take action. Additionally, the FBI has said there is no evidence of Antifa members disguising themselves as Trump supporters. 

There is no evidence of the 2020 election being rigged.