Randhir Kapoor has opened up about the probable cause behind his brother Rajiv's not so successful Bollywood career. He said that he couldn't focus on his career due to 'unfortunate episodes in his life'.

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"Rajiv had an unfortunate marriage (the late actor was married to Aarti Sabharwal in 2001), which lasted for only for two months. He had many unfortunate episodes in his life, which led him astray. There was deep frustration, which caused him to neglect his professional life. His life missed a swing. Ironically, he was the most talented of the Kapoors. He even directed a film (Prem Granth, 1996), which sadly failed," he wrote for Yahoo! India.

Rajiv couldn't achieve as much success as his brothers Rishi Kapoor or Randhir Kapoor. The actor made his acting debut with ‘Ek Jaan Hain Hum’ and ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’ continues to be his most popular film.

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The actor also said that after his failed marriage, Rajiv had a few girlfriends but had no desire to remarry.

"Why Rajiv didn't marry again? Well, you can’t force anyone to get married. You can only advise a person to a point. He was grown up enough to decide for himself. He had a lot of girlfriends. But he never felt the desire to marry again. Basically, he got disheartened. He took to drinking big time. In fact, I feared that if anything disastrous were to happen to Rajiv, it would be because of alcohol. But I never expected him to die the way he did," he added.

Rajiv died on February 9 this year at the age of 58.

Previously, Randhir revealed that on the morning of his death, the at-home nurse informed the actor that Rajiv's pulse for low and only dropping further. They rushed him to the hospital immediately but they couldn't save him