Lucknow, Oct 2 (PTI) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday emphasised the need for an impartial probe into criminal cases without their media trial.

The chief minister also counselled police to build their clean image among the people.

“An impartial investigation by the police is very necessary for solving cases. If the police action is fair, there will be no question mark on it, otherwise media trial will start which will tarnish the image of the police,” Chief Minister Adityanath said during a programme at the Police Headquarters here.

During the programme, he felicitated 75 police personnel by giving them medals for their outstanding work.

The Uttar Pradesh police has been facing severe criticism by the opposition parties following the death of a Kanpur businessman in Gorakhpur, the chief minister’s home district, earlier this week during a raid by police at the hotel in which the businessmen had been staying.

Reminding police of their duty and responsibility, Adityanath said, “The Uttar Pradesh police is the world's largest police force and every policeman connected with it should feel proud.” “The policemen should make their active and positive contribution in the progress of their organisation and maintain its credibility,” he added.

Law and order has a positive effect on the all-round development of the state and it facilitates large-scale investment which generates employment, he said.

Cautioning the police force, he said, "Efforts should be made to ensure that no situation of a media trial created in any case. To prevent this, it is necessary that the police put the right facts in front of the media in a concise and timely manner.'' He also stressed the proper monitoring of social media and said extending security is the duty of the government and the police have an important role in it.