Every year the third Saturday of September is celebrated as the ‘Batman Day’ in recognition of a timeless superhero. All fans reminisce the memories of Gotham’s caped crusader, his partner Robin and his Batmobile cruising through the city.

The first Batman Day was held in 2014 to commemorate 75 years of the DC comics superhero. This year, we celebrate 82 years of Bruce Wayne. The most human DC Universe character quickly gained popularity amongst the fans. He does not possess any superpowers and relies on his intellect and impressive combat skills to fight crime in his city.

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Bruce faced a lonely and difficult childhood due to the murder of his parents at a very early age. He chose to be a hero even after understanding the problems that come with it. His iconic rivalry with the Joker only made the franchise more popular. Arguably the greatest villain of all time, Joker’s character is difficult to understand for anyone. His laughter rings in my ears every time I think of Batman.

Fans and comic-enthusiasts come together and spend the day dressed up as Batman, discussing fan theories, improving their Batman collections and revisiting old comics.

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There are over 6,500 comics, nearly 50 videogames and a number of movies and shows based on the eccentric billionaire who fights crime in the dark of the night. It first appeared on TV in 1943 with a 15-episode theatrical serial titled ‘Batman’.

Wayne made his first appearance in movies in 1966 with Adam West starring in the lead role as ‘Batman’. The most successful batman films have been Christopher Nolan’s trilogy ‘The Dark Night’ which featured Christian Bale in the lead role.

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There is so much content on Batman that it’s nearly impossible to go through all of it in a single day. A number of fans just end up binge watching the Batman films with their peers. How will you celebrate the Batman Day? Let us know in the comments.