Director Ram Gopal Varma recently called Congress president Sonia Gandhi a ‘far sighted visionary’ for her ‘Maut ka saudagar’ remark on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014, asking her further to ‘text’ her feet so that he could ‘digitally touch them’.

“SONIA GANDHI in 2014 said @narendramodi is MAUT ka SAUDAGAR ..I never knew that she is such a tremendously far sighted visionary and I profusely apologise to u madam Soniaj,and if possible please text ur feet so that I can digitally touch them”, Varma tweeted out, drawing backlashes as well as support on the social media platform.

Varma has always had a seemingly unending appetite for controversy, time and again making statements on Twitter that have resulted in him getting strong reactions.

The ‘Deyyam’ director, however, has proved that he has not lost his flare, be it COVID-19 inflicted times or otherwise.

“The Ch_____  public think the leaders are serious about their problems, while the reality is the leaders in their political game think of people as a bat,a ball and wickets and the real  game business happens outside the stadium ..The hospitals are the stadium in this context”, he tweeted out on Monday, serving his hot take on the coronavirus crisis.

Users, however, did not hold back either, unleashing upon him a barrage of criticism.

“She was such an visionary couldn’t see the death of her husband. Those who k1lled her husband, their families were send Uk to have fun & money paid by madam. Bhai itni visionary hai to aisa kyu”, wrote a user.

“You can digitally lick her feet also”, wrote another.

In 2020, during the early months of India’s COVID-19 outbreak, he had tweeted out, "And why the f... is Rajnikant not doing anything to destroy the Coronavirus?????..Just asking", apparently holding the Tamil movie icon accountable for not being able to perform any superhuman acts to stop the virus spread.

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