Valentine’s Day, the day we celebrate love, is also the day we celebrate the highest form of love. Self-love has long been ignored in a world that needs love so much. Especially for women who have mostly been expected to give love without putting themselves first. Somewhere down the line, we forgot that only when our cup of love is full can we generously pour into others’ cups. Thus, this valentine’s day let's put ourselves first.

An essential part of any special day is how we dress up for that day. On Valentine’s day, when you go out- with yourself, your parents, your friends, or your beloved, make sure that you dress up like you are in love with yourself. In this article, you will find some Valentine’s Day fashion tips, that will brighten up your mood.

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Mindful colours: Colours have always played a very important role in setting the right tone. In Kolkata, people have always worn yellow on Basant Panchami, to welcome the spring. Similarly, on Valentine’s Day, people popularly wear red. If that is too cliched for you, you can always digress. Other colours that will suit the day are ivory, bubblegum pink, mauve, maroon, and wine. Experiment with these colours and add some sequins to your wardrobe to sparkle up your mood.

The right shoes to walk miles: After days of winter, Valentine’s Day also marks the beginning of spring. This is the time when the weather is generous, so don’t refrain from taking a walk- solitary or not. Walking not just to reach somewhere, but just for the act of it can do wonders to your mood. Thus, wear the right and comfortable shoes that will let you walk long distances without tiring your feet. Go for sneakers or boots so that you can live the moment instead of worrying about the aching feet.

Dress up as you love yourself: Valentine’s day is special, so your dress should also be so. Unlike every other day when we wear casuals, this day, take some extra effort and dress up in your favorite clothes. If you want to balance between comfortable and stylish, you can wear jumpsuits, dresses, or flowy skirts that will set the right tone for your perfect evening and also be a blessing for your Instagram feed.

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All fashion tips work only as long as you pour your full intention into it. There has been this pressure to spend Valentine’s Day with a ‘significant other’. This Valentine’s Day and every other day, know that you are your significant other and nobody else completes you. Choose the clothes that make you happy, wear the colours that light up your mood, and celebrate and love yourself on this day of love.