Actor Matthew McConaughey on Monday, appeared in the Super Bowl 2021 advertisement for popular brand Doritos. However, the widely acclaimed actor, who is popular for both his looks and acting, received poor reactions for his  two dimensional form. 

The ad shows the actor explaining that lately he hasn’t “been feeling like myself,” as he shows off his completely flat body. He attempts to catch a football throw and then disappears from the view as he turns sideways.

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The ad ends with the 51-year-old saying "Doritos. Now in 3D," as he transforms into normal width. According to Independent, viewers were not amused by McConaughey's appearance in the ad. 

People took to social media to say how they disliked the actor in the ad. While one person said, "Flat Matthew McConaughey is nightmare fuel," another said, "That Matthew McConaughey commercial should have never been made."

People even commented on how they like the Oscar winner in Lincoln ads. One user said, "The Matthew McConaughey in those Lincoln car commercials does not approve of Matthew McConaughey in that Doritos ad."