Florida Governor Ron DeSantis defended people who do not wish to get vaccinated against COVID-19, however, also said that it might not be the right choice, according to US media reports.

DeSantis, who is a member of the Republican party, agreed that vaccines available to defend humans against COVID-19 are life-saving, but also went on to denounce mandating the shots across the country.

In a press conference held in the Miami-Dade County on Tuesday, DeSantis said, "There are some of those folks who may make a decision that’s not ultimately the right decision for them", according to reports from Associated Press.

He added, "There are obviously probably people that have been hospitalised who probably wouldn't have been if they had done that."

The discussion was a follow-up to a campaign-like event Monday, where DeSantis and the two independently elected Republican Cabinet members criticised the local government and federal vaccine mandates.

Several Gainesville city employees spoke at the event, saying that the government should not force them to get vaccinated, according to reports from Associated Press.

One speaker at the event said that the COVID-19 vaccines alter people's RNA, which has led critics to say DeSantis is spreading anti-vaccine theories. However, DeSantis said he does not share the opinion.

He said, "Honestly I do not even remember him saying that. So, it is not anything I have said. I think the data is very clear on the vaccinations. You are much less likely to be hospitalized or die if you're vaccinated", according to AP reports.

US media reports suggest that DeSantis' statements landed him in the crosshairs of Democrats.

(With AP inputs)