Florida is set to witness one of the most awaited fights of this year on June 6, where boxing veteran Floyd Mayweather will take on Youtube fame Logan Paul. The match is one with the highest stakes of all time as both contestants have already beefed up their rivalry.

Mayweather has the reputation of being one of the most American boxing players while having a record of winning 50 consecutive fights before retiring. Moreover, the 44-year-old has also piled up millions in his bank account throughout his career. 

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On the other hand, Logan Paul has minimal experience in the sport, which is likely to deprive him of the professional techniques required to ace such a match.

Floyd MayweatherLogan Paul
Height5 feet 8 inches6 feet two inches
Reach72 inches76 inches
Weight147 pounds199 pounds
Net Worth$450 million$19 million
Professional appearancesMore than 501

Even though both Paul and Mayweather's records in the game highly vary from each other, both players have some advantages over the other, which if wielded properly have the potential to play in their favour.

The rules for the fight also seem to be different from a usual boxing match. While no official winner will be read, knockouts have been made legal in the match and have been left at the discretion of the game referee. Both Mayweather and Paul will be equipped with 12-ounce gloves but no headgear throughout the match, which is divided into eight rounds each last lasting for three minutes.