As the jury remains in deliberations for the second day standing,  President Joe Biden on Tuesday called for the “right” verdict in the racially charged trial of former Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin, accused of murdering George Floyd, and described the case as “overwhelming.”

Biden’s unusually strong comments in the White House comes amid the air intensifying in Minnesota ahead of the verdict, however, he reason that he would not be speaking out if the jury had not been sequestered.

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Chauvin, 45, is charged with murder and manslaughter over Floyd’s May 25, 2020 death during an arrest.

The experienced officer, who is white, was caught on video restraining Floyd by kneeling on his neck for more than nine minutes, even as the handcuffed 46-year-old Black man said repeatedly “I can’t breathe” and then died.

The shocking incident, captured on video by bystanders and repeatedly replayed around the nation, ignited global protests against racial injustice and quickly became seen as a landmark test of US police accountability.

Earlier, Biden told reporters he had spoken with the Floyd family by telephone and said “I can only imagine the pressure and anxiety they’re feeling. So I waited till the jury was sequestered and I called.”

“They’re a good family and they’re calling for peace and tranquillity, no matter what that verdict is,” Biden said, AFP reported.

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“I’m praying the verdict is the right verdict which is — I think it’s overwhelming in my view.”

Prosecutors and the defense presented closing arguments on Monday and Judge Peter Cahill sent the case to the seven-woman, five-man jury.

The racially diverse group is being sequestered during deliberations and their identities will not be known until afterwards.