Sawan Shivratri will be observed on July 26, 2022. Sawan began on July 14, 2022, and will end on August 12, 2022, with Shravan Purnima. Sawan Shivratri is celebrated during the Krishna Paksha on the Chaturdashi Tithi. The month of Sawan is dedicated to Lord Shiva. 

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Here is a list of foods that you can try while fasting in the Sawan month.

1. Fruit Chaat and dry fruits 

Fruit chaats, fruit salads and fruit milkshakes are a good choice since it’s healthy and fills you up. Adding rock salt, sugar, and lime juice to freshly chopped fruits breaks the monotony of simple dishes during a fast. Almond, walnut, dates, cashews and raisins make for good munching options. 

2. Lassi 

Lassi helps keep the body hydrated during the fast. Curd helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system. 

3. Sabudana kheer

Rice and cereals are not an option when fasting, and sabudana kheer is one of the best alternatives during the Sawan fasting. Sabudana kheer is made with milk, sugar, cardamom and sabudana. 

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4. Vrat wale aloo

This simple potato dish can be consumed during lunch. It has to be made without garlic, onion and turmeric. Some curd can be added to enhance the flavour of the dish. 

5. Kuttu ke atte ki poori 

Simply replace your ordinary flour with kuttu flour. Kuttu atta can be mashed with boiled potatoes, rock salt and chopped coriander to make pooris. Pooris can be served with curd or vrat aloo. This dish is the main filling grain while fasting. 

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Refraining from consuming things made of wheat, rice, besan and maida is the norm during the Sawan Shivratri fast. The underlying principle during a fast in the Sawans is that sattvic food should be consumed. Sattvic food does not have onion and garlic in it.